Luka Mancini is an award-winning designer with 18+ years of experience. Since 2019, he has been working for Beletrina publishing house designing everything for them: from book covers to logos and corporate identities for projects and sub-brands, posters and advertisements for print and social media. He is the author of the identity of the new prestigious book series Klasična Beletrina.

A major project in recent years has also been the new unified identity of Radio Slovenia radio stations: Prvi, Val 202, Ars, Radio SI, Radio Maribor, Radio Koper, Radio Capodistria and MMR (2015, slightly updated in 2019).

From 2005 to 2012, he worked in tandem with designer Katarina Mrvar under the name Lukatarina studio.

  • Luka Mancini has more than 18 years of experience working for a diverse list of clients.

  • recipient of numerous awards at home and abroad

  • professionalism is always backed up by arguments

  • ability to understand the needs of the client

  • honest, two-way communication with the client

  • breadth, visibility and the ability to articulate thoughts and ideas

  • commitment to professional, original solutions

  • reliability, accuracy and responsiveness

After graduating from the Bežigrad Gymnasium, he enrolled at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana, graduated in 2005. For his postgraduate studies he received a master's degree in 2011.

His major clients are Beletrina, UNESCO, RTV Slovenia, Radio Slovenia, City of Ljubljana ...

He also worked for Piranske Soline, Gorenje, Gorenje Keramika, Mladinska Knjiga, Litera, Telekom Slovenije, združenje YES …


His design work has been featured in many promenent design publications, magazines and books: Los Logos from Gestalten, LogoLounge, Graphic Inspirations, TypeOne, Cause and Effect, Output 2003 in 2004Idn, Novum, A3 format, local Klik, NeDelo, …

With ecologist Andreja Palatinus and designer Katarina Mrvar, he was a co-authoring a well received exhibition Actions are louder than words for the City of Ljubljana. The team continued their work in the field of environmental projects with two more exhibitions Breathe in  Ljubljana (2009) and Not this Jam again (2010). They participated as volunteers and co-created the Bag to Bag project with Ecologists without Borders, created their own brand of shopping bags and many other campaigns.

It is worth mentioning the character of Bagfoot (with Katarina Mrvar), who as an antihero made the public aware of the excessive use of plastic bags and appeared in many media (Transistor, Good Morning, TV Dnevnik, in foreign magazines…), also in a pilot show for children of Smetumetarija on RTV Slovenia, dance points and street performances.

Luka Mancini tries to live the ideal of “Renaissance man” and expresses himself in various fields of art and humanities. He sees his gift for multidisciplinarity, connecting the dots and holistic approaches as a great advantage that comes in handy in his design work and public speaking events. He was a speaker at TedXNovo mesto in 2019, and at the Dober Stik Evenings. He is an author of seminars and lectures about patterns of nature, sacred geometry, and different fields on the frontiers of science. Since 2012, he has also been involved in dance (kizomba, urban kiz, bachata, salsa), DJing and music production in Slovenia and abroad (as part of the kizomba, urbankiz dance scene).

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