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The Making of Bagfoot video

Here is the video of our crazy experiment performed on 4th of June 2016 at Ljubljana Marketplace. This will be the last Bagfoot video concluding a successful project. Bagfoot has

Ljubljana Sound Point

Ljubljana Sound Point is an interactive sound installation on the subjects of noise and sound in Ljubljana, which was created in within the framework of activities of Ljubljana – European

Instrumental kizomba Crystal Night by AUVA production

Introducing first ever Slovene kizomba song, written and produced by me and Prijatelj Uroš. We started collaborating under the name AUVA production. See also You Tube upload here.

Intuition #1

Vibration in conventional view is rythmical movement of matter. However at atomic level matter becomes an elusive phenomenon. Atom is made 99,999 … % of empty space. Vibration seems to be

Inspiration #2

Imagine the ultimate interactive art installation. It allows you to completely submerge yourself in it with all of your senses. You can walk through it, touch it, smell it, hear

Inspiration #1

Patience, website is under construction.

To see my design portfolio please visit my old website www.lukatarina.net . At present I am very busy with design projects and I put work on my new website on hold. In near