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Imagine the ultimate interactive art installation. It allows you to completely submerge yourself in it with all of your senses. You can walk through it, touch it, smell it, hear the most beautiful sounds and see the most breathtaking views. It is like a giant maze, a magical labyrinth of fractal forms. Everywhere you look it is like seeing the most beautiful painting. It is overwhelming as a whole but it is also incredibly rich with details. You can spend hours in it just observing and enjoying one small part of it. It is constructed of static living entities which grow by extracting matter from the base and from the surrounding atmosphere. These entities create habitats for other living entities that you can observe and interact with when you are inside of it. Imagine an art installation that is self-running, self-sufficient and 100% sustainable. Imagine an art installation that heals your body and mind and allows you to refill yourself with energy.  A place abundant with harmonic frequences and vibrations. Have you ever experienced this kind of Gesamtkunstwerk? Just go to a forest near you.


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