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Ljubljana Sound Point is an interactive sound installation on the subjects of noise and sound in Ljubljana, which was created in within the framework of activities of Ljubljana – European Green Capital 2016. It includes interactive contents for a free standing touch screen, speakers and headphones. I developed the idea for the touch screen, and for juke-box and beatbox applications. I’ve designed the identity for the project, all the applications, interface design and worked on interactive usability solutions.

The digital installation consists of a home interface through which we enter various interactive applications, entertainment and educational content on the subject of sound and noise in Ljubljana.

The user (viewer/listener), by touching the screen, listens to authentic sounds of Ljubljana, recorded at various locations around the city, moves along the scale of decibels, creates rhythm patterns from the sounds of Ljubljana and checks the noise pollution at any address in the city. As well as learns many interesting facts about sound, noise, decibels, noise modeling and the legislation in this field.

The Ljubljana Sound Point informs the public in a fun and educational way about noise and noise pollution and encourages individuals to be aware of the city’s noise and react with creativity and curiosity. The installation will be positioned in the EGC Info office at Mestni trg 1 (Town square) in Ljubljana during the month of April, which is thematically devoted to the quality of the acoustic environment in the green year.

Besides presenting the authentic sounds of Ljubljana the installation is intended to present selected soundscapes in real acoustic volume, which will allow the user to form his own idea about noise volume and decibels. The topic of sound, noise and decibels is included in the content of individual lectures held within the framework of the EGC Info Office program of activities in April.


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